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Jan 30, 2018
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5 key advantages of VPS hosting for SEO

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VPS hosting for SEO

VPS hosting for SEO – There was a time when cheaper and easy-to-get resources were adopted by business and professionals who were looking to host their website. This was because getting a website up quickly was the objective step by step. But in no time,  businesses realized that this approach is not sustainable because it failed on several parameters such as search, security, and flexibility. Today, with the progression of time, the parameters of finding what you want on search have undergone massive change. Along with user experience, interface and clicks through rates, the speed of loading your page is also matters. Which is why your hosting solution also matters. In a bid to put your website rather quickly, choosing a quick fix solution is not really the way forward. Which is why it became imperative to tell you the advantages of VPS hosting as a solution to host your website.


VPS hosting unlike shared has independent resources dedicated to its deployers. This allows users to focus on the key performing indices of their website, SEO rankings being one. Moreover, as a hosting solution, it is not only easy on your wallet but also provides robust support to your website. As we probed further, we figured VPS hosting will possibly give its deployers an advantage over other hosting solutions when it comes to optimizing the search of your website. Let us see what makes it a good fit for your website’s SEO, should we?


  1. Speed

When you deploy VPS hosting for your website, you have enough resources that ensure its smooth running. This is because, unlike shared hosting where the resources are less and are shared with other websites on the same server, there are chances of your website facing issues with respect to speed. With VPS, since resources are taken care of and are independent of other websites, your website pops as soon as users search for it or search for relevant keywords for your website. When it comes to SEO, any website that is fast usually has an added advantage because speed is one of the factors that affect SEO rankings. Which is why it becomes imperative to make the most of this advantage by leveraging VPS hosting.


  1. Flexibility

This is in addition to ‘Speed’ as a factor that we mentioned. VPS hosting allows you to upgrade or lower the scale of your resources. Since it allows you to upscale your resources, your hosting solution will be enabled with more RAM or memory that will indirectly impact the performance and speed of your website which takes care of the page load time. With a faster page load time, users trying to access your website through relevant keyword search will find your website rather quickly.


  1. Uptime

Server uptime is key when it comes to SEO. That is because the uptime provided by your server is a key parameter that determines the speed of your website. Hosting your website on VPS will ensure a 99.9 % uptime, which happens to be a very healthy rate. So, the question of your website’s performance or speed going down diminishes, affecting your search rankings positively. 

  1. Protection, support and reliability

Hosting your website on VPS protects your website from spammers who threaten the security of websites with vulnerable attacks. Generally, spammers will send ‘spiders’ that crawl through web pages in search of unsecured servers and on locating one, hack into your website to run malicious scripts. These scripts will redirect your pages to other websites and ruin the experience for your user. A secure VPS hosting with a stable support provider will guide you to make your VPS hosted website SSL enabled. This not only affects the SEO of your website but also acts as a reliable solution for your website at large. 

  1. Installing applications and plugins

Hosting your website on VPS will allow you to install enough applications and software of your choice. Since you have more control over your panel as compared to shared hosting, VPS gives you more freedom when it comes to installing apps and plugins. In addition to this, you can also install applications that provide web analytics so that you can monitor the performance of your website. Adding more relevant plugins will allow you to have more digital properties. Moreover, you can also install Yoast as an SEO plugin to leverage your search. All these factors as a summation help will your VPS hosted website to better its SEO.

Final thoughts

Now that you know why VPS hosting could be advantageous for the SEO of your website, make sure that you select the right solution provider for your hosting as well. Apart from leveraging SEO via VPS, hosting your website on VPS has its own merits in the form of memory, processors and other resources being used. Open yourself to the advantages VPS offers and watch your website climb the SERP ladder gradually.

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