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Apr 27, 2017
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How to Start a WordPress Blog step by step to generate $1759 in a month

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Step by step ultimate guide how making WordPress blog to make money online

Hello guys, kitekgroup help you create effective Wordpress websites, here an idea step by step ultimate guide. Let’s move, one thing guys, first of all, you decide one niche, which topic you are capable of explaining clearly.

Choose a domain name –

Where can you register a domain name? –

Below list websites are provided domain names & Hosting providers in India & US.

Indian Users:

bluehostIndia 30% off code

International Users

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Finally, these were 2 domain & hosting providers from around Indian and US. Visit their website and find out more details regarding prices & hosting plans.

Choose a Hosting Package –

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Why hosting needed –

–  After selection of the domain name, needed for hosting. A lot of public & people to think; only registering a domain name is enough to get a website live & action, but after host a website got a website live & action. Hosting is a place where store data related to website information. In this hosting few of the types is there. They are windows hosting, Linux hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting & WordPress hosts, etc. Kitekgroup explains types of hosting in this article clearly.

–  Choose one hosting plan (if you are developing a WordPress site, let’s choose WordPress hosting) based on your requirement hosting plans are changing. Above mention 2 domain & hosting providers list, here you choose to hosting plan.

Setup & configure the name servers –

Note – If your domain name & hosting plans are same provided & if your domain name came with your hosting package. This configuration & setup is not required.

  • In case domain name & hosting account providers are different, in this situation, you will require configuring the domain to your host name servers.
  • In hosting account having name servers, the name servers look like and & etc.
  • If you don’t find name servers, simply go to control panel & search on name servers in the search box after you got name servers manage settings, here find name servers and these name servers are entered into domain manage section.
  • Once this procedure was done, wait some time, some hosting providers take almost 24 hours to configure name servers.
  • After configure name servers, simply install WordPress in application manager.

Why Choose WordPress –

WordPress Blog -

Word press is the popular, creative, user-friendly; easily understand open source platform & content management system (CMS), almost this platform used in around 73 million websites. Word press platform having a huge number of plugins, thousands of flexible, reliable, easy to install & use templates.

There are a large number of pros and cons of using WordPress platform. Kitekgroup will explain you pros and cons of WordPress. Hopefully, they assist you to decide if you would like to use WordPress for your sites.

Pros of WordPress Platform –

  • Open Source Platform, User-friendly, Easy to install & use
  • Compare to other platforms, estimate the price of WordPress flexible.
  • Compatible with SEO integration
  • Many more add-on plugins or extensions & Professional Themes.
  • Easily access & content updates & Analyze content performance
  • Optimized for mobile friendly
  • WordPress revisions
  • Easy of access to third party resources & tools
  • Time-Saving efficiency & Scheduled posts
  • Your choice of designs & templates
  • Forums support
  • Single button installation & editing
  • Platform Menu Management system
  • Easy non-standard fields

Cons of WordPress platform –

  • Not a fit for huge data stores
  • Security
  • Develop custom layouts require basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, Tables & Graphic formatting (Note – Depend on requirement, this knowledge required )
  • Plugins required to be updated regularly

Is WordPress Platform the right exclusive for me?

  • There is no doubt that the WordPress is the all-time best platform to start on any website.
  • In the end of this article, let’s agree that WordPress is the best way to start a website.
  • Let’s lay out a step by step ultimate guide to more help you making the effective WordPress website.

Below is the list of steps you can follow & start an effective WordPress website.

Choose an effective Domain name for your website –


How much time do you spend into choosing a domain name for your website?

Hey, you see, your domain name is a heart of your website. Your domain name is yours recognize on the search engines or the web. So it needs a lot of ideas & to make consideration. Follow below kitekgroup exclusive steps to help you grab the perfect domain name.

  • Keep it sweet & short & simple
  • easy to find & type
  • Use keywords in the selection of domain name
  • Avoid numbers & hyphens & doubled letters
  • Be memorable
  • Keep it special and Look like brand
  • Choose right domain extension
  • Pick a creative name
  • Avoid trademark issues
  • easy to pronounce and spell


Install & Configure WordPress –

  • wordpress blog - kitek groupBefore WordPress installation will request to provide some information to finish the installation & make your account set up procedure.
  • This total process will take around 2 to 5 minutes only.
  • Once you have entered & submitted this requested information. Finally, now you will be to login into account admin panel at
  • Hey, do not use the usernames & passwords like admin, test123 & admin123 etc, yes, because it is so easy to guess & hack. So don’t use easy usernames & passwords.
  • After login to WordPress account, now you will manage dashboard & go into appearance, install theme & customize as per your requirement needs.
  • Next, configure the basic needs, i.e. required plugins etc.
  • After that, create essential and required pages in the page section menu on the left side of the dashboard.
  • These are the steps for making effective Word press website.


Still, Don’t Know how to set up your WordPress Blog – Please feel free contact us

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