Social Media Tips | Optimize your Social Media for Search Engine
Oct 20, 2017
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Social Media Tips | Optimize your Social Media for Search Engine

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Social Media Tips – Optimize your Social Media for Search Engine

Social Media Tips – Have u heard about social profiles can be optimized for searches? Or do you we use keywords for social profiles?


Today you will know by this blog post! In social media they are two types of search engines are there.

  1. Google Search
  2. Search function within social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube and LinkedIn


Practically, you will know how social profiles increase their visibility by using keywords.


Optimization of Facebook Page


Let’s take a look on Facebook pages,  you can see pages appear in Google search.


Example: You can see KiTek Group company profile on Google search

Kitek group facebook 


Google search results considered Facebook page name, short description, the number of likes and number of people. You can see at below image.

Kitek group facebook reviews

Generally, keyword optimization of Facebook pages with keywords of page name will get high ranking in Google searches.


Example: I am looking for information like “Digital marketing on Facebook”. Now you can see the search results at below.



On the other hand, you can use Facebook search for the page name. Go ahead type a keyword “Digital Marketing”.



For the given keyword digital marketing you find subcategory pages information.


Key Points


To know about your page in Google search, type keywords and it should be your page name. In Facebook search, the keyword must be your page’s subcategory


Optimization of Twitter


Most of the Twitter profiles in Google appear as shown below:

twitter - KiTekGroup

Twitter avoids meta description for above profile in search results, it searches latest tweets, profile name, username, the number of followers, the number of photos and videos, the number of tweets etc.

twitter Profile- KiTek group

Social Media Tips :

Key Points:


For Twitter, the keyword must be your profile name or username.


Optimization of LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn company pages, you will see most pages appear in Google search results as follows:

 linkedin - KiTek group



Google searches only company page name and description for results.

Linkedin Profile- KiTek groupKey Points:


To know your company page in Google search results or LinkedIn search, use company page name as a keyword for search.


Optimization in YouTube

 youtube - KiTek group

Google uses channel name and description or videos with a specific in the video name are more likely appear in Google search over channels.

youtube Profile- KiTek group

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