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Apr 22, 2017
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Top 10 Facts about Digital Marketing

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Facts about Digital Marketing

Hello Folks, Do you know unbelievable facts about digital marketing, are you ready to know completely facts. Let’s move, here I explain hidden & unbelievable facts about digital marketing.

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Intro Fact 1-

– Digital Marketing also called as data-driven marketing, the term introduced & used in the year of 1980, the softad group introduced digital marketing words into the market, Soft Ad Company now called named as channel net. But day by day has changed the market strategies.

 Fact 2 –

Your content plays a big role…

 Almost B2B & B2C marketers confused a lot about the perfect definition of high-quality content, in the market many more companies produced a lot of content, but they are still the failure to get an estimate conversion rate to the website or leads. So more companies still confusing stage about content development…

Fact 3 –

Marketing Strategy is the backbone of digital marketing

 To improve leads or brand awareness, without marketing strategy any brand or business success rate decreases, in a marketing strategy, competitor analysis also plays an essential & key role. This is one side of marketing strategy, but other side keyword analysis also plays the main role in digital marketing.

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Fact 4 –

Every marketer needs to track analytics

To improve your brand awareness & leads, first of all, knows which type of resources to invest in digital channels. Whatever tracking analytics are essential things to every brand or business. It will help your creative strategy ideas & help to analyze brand as well as help to control of the marketing strategy. If you’re not a fit in track analytics, let’s try to our agency for digital presence.

Fact 5 –

No ending only learning…

Daily update your knowledge & reads latest articles, blogs, and know the inner view of industry leaders & experts. Be active; be ready to learn the new changes stably.

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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Fact 6 –

Keep calm, be patience…

To be frank, in social media connections almost takes time. Even content marketing, SEO strategies; also take a

time to trip in marketing. & in world ever thing requires patience. Digital marketing is a long-term process & commitment. Definitely, your efforts will show off in months or years.

Fact 7 –

SEO….the king…

Google is changing into deep machine learning for their search engine actions, if any brand or business wants to be more visible on search engines, content strategy & content management will be effected on search engines. Be active on SEO daily updates & changes in the algorithm.

Fact 8 –

Data, Driven, Marketing…

Collecting data may look like seems the best option for success, but analyzing data some difficult. To generate leads, & conversions. Every user produces & generates a lot a data in each action they take on the way of customer behavior. The user’s data can start collecting from various digital platforms, for supposing when a customer visit or view a website, reads a sent email or other actions i.e.  Call to action conversions. By using this results to target to every customer’s activity, moment.

Fact 9 –

Optimize for mobile channels

 Follow Latest trends of AMP (Accelerated mobile pages), personalized mobile content & to make push notification customer experience. In digital marketing, optimization of mobile channels seems essential.

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Fact 10 –

 Follow rules, create trend…

 In DM, every platform having limitations, your must follow rules & limitations. By using this all digital channels, your will create a trend.

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